Massages in Christchurch, Dorset, UK

Nathan offers mobile massage services in Bournemouth and Christchurch (at your hotel or residence) and in-house massages on his massage table at his residence in Christchurch Tel: 07553978649

Nathan trained in Swedish Massage Therapy at Santa Monica School of Massage Therapy in Santa Monica in Los Angeles. He has also studied Thai, Sport’s, Deep Tissues and Acrosage massage modalities over the years. He has practiced Massage therapy in Toronto, Spain, Chennai (India), Singapore, London, Paris and Los Angeles. He has 20 years experience working with athletes and professionals – both men and women. His websites and

If he comes to you he will bring all the luxury and benefits of quality spa massage to the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home, hotel or office. This way you will be in your home but you will feel as if you were in professional massage center (you can also come to his residence in Christchurch). And after you enjoy your massage, you probably just want to put on a robe and chill out…….well, you can! That’s the best part! You spend more time relaxing and less time driving.

He provides his massage services in the most of the hotels in Bournemouth/Christchurch. Even if the hotels (including 5 star ) have their own spa center, you may still make appointment with him for the massage and he will come to you. The management of the hotels fully respects and accepts our professional massage services.

Relaxation is the doorway to your true Self. Nathan has massaged members of the Indian cricket team, Paris Opera Ballet dancers, world-class marathon runners, professional tennis players, A-list Hollywood actors and directors, Bollywood Directors and working professionals from all walks of life and from all over the world. He loves practicing massage therapy and has a deep respect for its logic.

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Allow yourself to be taken care of. Close your eyes and forget the world around you. Let go all of your stress and worries. Let the tension melt away. Feel profound relaxation in your whole body – from your head to your toes. Are you ready for the best massage of your life?

45 min – 40 UK pounds (if you come to me) 60 + return bus/taxi fare (if I come to you)
60 min – 55 UK pounds (if you come to me) 75 + return bus/taxi fare (if I come to you)
90 minutes = 85 pounds (if you come to me) 110 pounds + retirm bus/taxi fare (if I come to you)
120 min – 100 (if you come to me) 120 UK pounds + return bus/taxi fare (if I come to you)

If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain I focus on those areas. Why suffer with pain unnecessarily? Thanks to many years of experience we will be able to help you to balance your body so that you feel better immediately.

Sport Massage
A wonderful combination of strong hands and special techniques that relieves aches and tensions from the muscles. Perfect for anyone who does sports regularly.


60 min – 55 UK pounds (if you come to me) 75 + return bus/taxi fare (if I come to you)


XL Man Massage
A massage specially designed for those with a stronger and bigger body build and need deep tissue massage. It is a combination of various massage styles and techniques. Very strong but not painful so that you may feel your muscles relaxing effectively.

90 min – 85 (if you come to me) 110 UK pounds + return bus/taxi fare (if I come to you)


Weight Loss
How many times have you committed to yourself that you will lose weight, change your diet and start exercising? You wanted to do it but you didn´t know how and where to start. We offer you professional advice and years of experience. Designed to help you seeing results right away.

1 hr – 75 UK pounds

Phone Number: 0102473392

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